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What is ONA?

Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) is an emerging new method, based on network science and sociometrical research – a quantitative method for measuring and visualizing social relationships at organizations.

An organizational change management tool to accelerate change

OrgMapper | INFLUENCE is a global market leading tool, developed by Maven7 Inc. (See Gartner Research G00298878, Market Guide for Social Network Analysis Published: 19 July 2016). It has a built-in methodology for analyzing large data sets and generating clear visualizations for complex organizations, and it accommodates every employee, hierarchy level, location, and business unit. It has been used at 300+ organizations, and is currently being used by 70+ certified consultants world-wide.

Business benefits of OrgMapper | INFLUENCE

The typical business benefits expected from projects include (1) accelerated change/transformation projects with faster lead times, (2) cost saving from more targeted communications effectiveness and (3) more employee alignment with business objectives, translated to better advocacy and engagement metrics. Recently more focus is put on using OrgMapper to support (4) digital organization design and transformation, creating more agile virtual organizational structures. Other potential usage patterns included in the attached Case Reference document, include other potential outcome focuses.

OrgMapper | INFLUENCE in action

Our analytics projects have a typical duration of 4-12 weeks depending on population size and complexity, and uses a secure online interface with a short preference survey to produce interactive online results and narrative insight. The core is a peer-driven preference process to identify the organization’s most influential (acknowledged, capable, and motivated) employees, or collaborates, making it easy to engage them in business transformation.

Let's talk about the dirty numbers

Project pricing is participant license fee based, depending on organizational size and complexity: the price varies from $9 to $1.20 per participant with a typical investment range from $10k-$50k. Please note, that analytics driven consulting or management action is excluded from the above. Project and client references are available – at

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