Elect, Empower, Enhance: How identified influencers help you enact successful change

Short video: OrgMapper | Insights - Organizational Culture Change

Organizations are changing drastically

OrgMapper offers a peer nomination process to identify the right Change Agents

Everything you need to know about OrgMapper | INFLUENCE

5 essential network management skills for leaders

Everything you need to know about OrgMapper | INFLUENCE

How to understand what is going on behind the org chart?

4 features to look for in ONA software

5 best practices when using ONA tools

Five Best practices and pitfalls when using ONA tools

Maven7 OrgMapper's World Café for an Agile New Year

Organizational design by network science

7 Best Organizational Change Management Software Tools for Your Business in 2017

Speed up your operational agility

Prove your business agility by anticipating emotional elements

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Elect, empower, enhance - TOP 3 influencer involvement scenarios

The greatest misconception about change agent involvement

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ACMP Change Management 2016 | 15-18 May, 2016 - Meet us at booth #17

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How to interpret network graphs

The Role of Influencers in Internal Communications - more crucial than you would think

Maximize the Effects of Your Change Initiatives Through Influencer Involvement - Webinar Key Learnings

OrgMapper a Silver Sponsor at ACMP's 2016 Change Management Conference in Dallas | 15-18 May, 2016

Change Management Webinar: Maximize the Effects of Your Change Initiatives Through Influencer Involvement

Introducing the new OrgMapper

Overcoming Employee Resistance with a Plan

Short video: OrgMapper | Insights - Employee Resistance

Change Management and Leadership Development Have to Mesh – but who will drive it all?

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How Hidden Influencers Can Drive Culture Change Webinar: Key Learning Points

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Why Hidden Influencers are Essential for Effective Culture Change

Change Management Webinar: How Hidden Influencers Drive Culture Change

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Maven7 Welcomes New Director for Its OrgMapper Business Line

How the HR Tech Europe conference went down on Twitter


FirmNet Online rebranded to OrgMapper

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