World Café By Maven7 OrgMapper For An Agile New Year

Our international company opened up the New Year agile. We proudly presented the first World Café by Maven7 OrgMapper involving HR and company leaders in Hungary at the beginning of January. Our main goal was to contribute to effective organizational change…

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Organizational Design By Network Science

Organizational design by network science

This paper focuses on the potential between emerging network sciences, practices, organizational design challenges. Further, I make predictions about how the merger of the latter two approaches may produce adequate responses to the challenges above. Organizations, you have failed With fundamentally…

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Speed Up Your Operational Agility

Speed up your operational agility

Improving the delivery of software projects. Every long term project starts at the operational level. Key actors: line managers. How to prove operational agility? Start at the beginning – operational agility Within the context of organizational agility, the long term,…

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